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We came together because we shared a desire to provide patients with a one-of-a-kind pharmacy experience. The purpose is to offer patients a comprehensive and personalized range of products and services that meet their specific needs. We want to give the care that patients seek, whether through pharmaceuticals or natural remedies. We are constantly striving to be a full-service pharmacy and get to know our customers personally to provide them with our healthcare system’s best. We believe that providing personalized care to our patients, being knowledgeable about our specialty areas, and providing a positive customer experience are the keys to our success.

Smart Pharma is committed to a personalized approach to health and wellness. Come in and speak with a trained, knowledgeable pharmacist who will work with you to develop customized medications, plans, and strategies for your health care regimen. 

We are Committed to Your Health

Licensed pharmacists can provide you with accurate and dependable information about over-the-counter medications for minor ailments, vitamins, first aid, and everything in between. Whether you’d like medication to treat an infection or you want to keep healthy with vitamins, your pharmacist can assist you.

Our services

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, no one enjoys being sick regularly. As a result, when a person becomes ill, they should take some medications to provide relief. To get a cure for your illness, you must first see a qualified doctor, then prescribe the necessary medications from a pharmacy. A pharmacy is where we get the medications we need to get well. We offer citizens a wide range of pharmacy services, including vaccinations, prescriptions, and smoking cessation programmes.

Prescribing Pharmacists

Sickness does not always give you a heads-up! As a result, you may frequently lack time to schedule a doctor’s appointment in advance or wait in long lines at walk-in clinics. No more waiting! Visit us to save time and energy, as our qualified and certified pharmacists can now write prescriptions for certain medications without appointments or wait time. In addition, our pharmacist can write a lab requisition for your blood work. More information is available from our pharmacist. 

Confidential Medication Review

Smart Pharma understands that health and medications can be complex. Pills, prescriptions, labelling, and dosages, among other things, can be perplexing and even cause adverse reactions if misused. For that reason, we offer confidential medication reviews in which we explain. 

The best way to get the most out of your medications is to know precisely what they are, how to use them, and how to store them.

Renew or Transfer Prescription

Do you need refills on your usual medications since you recently relocated? Would you like to transfer your prescription? Get in touch with our pharmacist today, and we will assist you with renewing and transferring your prescription. Contact our pharmacy today for more information or to discuss your prescription renewal and transfer options.