Managing Your Blood Sugar

November is National Diabetes Month when individuals, community groups, organizations, and people worldwide raise awareness about Diabetes.

Checking your blood sugar is essential! The diabetes epidemic in Canada is largely unknown to most Canadians. There are almost 11 million Canadians who suffer from Diabetes or Prediabetes, so it is imperative that we all spread awareness and take action to combat a disease that affects over thirty percent of Canada.

Diabetes is a condition in which people do not produce enough insulin to meet their body’s needs, and their cells do not respond to insulin appropriately. A diabetes patient’s body cannot create or use enough insulin, impairing the body’s ability to process sugar. Diabetes patients receive insulin therapy to replenish insulin levels, helping to keep blood sugar levels within their target range and preventing complications.

It is incredibly challenging to manage Diabetes, but Smart Pharma is here to help you every step of the way.

We are well-versed in diabetes medication management or diabetic care products at Smart Pharma. We can help in the following ways:

Get the information you need

The most crucial step toward success is learning everything you can about Diabetes and how to manage it. One of your most valuable resources is Smart Pharma, your local pharmacy, providing information specific to your condition, medications, side effects, care products, and much more. In addition, your Smart Pharma is specially trained in diabetes management and can advise you on the disease, symptoms, and management tips.

Regular Blood Monitoring

Keeping a healthy blood glucose level may require you to check your status once or twice a day. Diabetes self-monitoring is crucial for diabetes management because it provides insight into how you are managing your condition. Keeping a regular glucose monitor gives you immediate feedback on how you are doing. If you manage Diabetes using diet and exercise alone or in conjunction with oral medications or insulin, an A1C test will help you understand how your blood glucose control has changed over the past months. With Smart Pharma by your side, you can test your A1C levels to help you know the results and better control your Diabetes.

Diet and Exercise

Physical activity and a healthy diet can improve your blood glucose control and overall quality of life. Exercise increases the body’s ability to burn glucose and use insulin. With increased physical activity, type 2 diabetics may be able to reduce or even discontinue blood-glucose-lowering medications due to this improvement in insulin sensitivity. When deciding to start a physical activity program or make significant dietary changes, consult with your doctor and Smart Pharma to discuss any limitations or restrictions you may have.